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Rahu-Ketu & Karma Theory

Rahu and Ketu are the two nodes of the moon, Rahu is the name given to the north node and Ketu the south node.

Rahu-Ketu Axis, Astro Life Sutras

They are also the karmic indicators in the birth chart.

Astrology is based on the theory of karma where the sun is the soul going through many births and evolving each time with the experiences it receives, which are based on its past life karmas and moon indicates the mind and feelings.

Rahu Ketu’s duty to keep a record of the karmic baggage is linked to the role that they play in causing eclipses; it is when the sun and the moon are at these shadow points (Rahu /Ketu are also called chaya graha) that eclipses occur. An eclipse is the darkening of either of the two luminaries, wherein the darkening of the sun (soul) or the moon (mind) indicates a confused state of being from which would then come a new thought, or a new perspective.

The purpose of the soul in each birth is to live through his past karma and evolve towards self realization, and it is the rahu ketu axis in the birth chart which indicates the purpose of the soul in the present birth. Ketu in the chart indicates the past and all that has been achieved and rahu the future or the areas that should be focused on.

1/7 bhava & Rahu -Ketu Axis

Balance between self and others.

Rahu Ketu on the 1/7 axis shows that the focus of the native would be to bring a balance between himself and his relationships. Rahu in the 1st house would make one ambitious ,

increase the desires. Rahu in the 7th would give a feeling of not having done enough for himself, and opportunities one gets would be in public dealing. Focus here should be to let go of self and do for others.

The birth chart below is of a native who is married for the last 15 years, the Rahu ketu axis here is in the 1st and 7th house, with rahu being posited in the 1st, the native is highly ambitious, self motivated,

Rahu Ketu Axis in Lagna

enjoys being in the lime light but not very communicative or social. He has to make a constant effort to socialize, to strike a balance between himself and others.


2/8 bhava & Rahu -Ketu Axis

Self dependency and dependency on others wealth / family and abroad

Self earned wealth and other peoples’ wealth.

Rahu in the 2nd would give happiness only when the individual is self dependent and earning on his own whereas in the 8th the focus would be towards the partners wealth, or income from 8th house matters such as insurance, banking, inventions, foreign etc.


Rahu -Ketu Axis in 3/9 Bhava

Balance between personal effort and following traditions.

This is one of the best places for Rahu. Rahu in the 3rd house increases the courage, stamina and effort of the native, the

native’s growth is in being courageous and doing just what feels right to him, such a native will get little satisfaction from continuing his fathers business, on the other hand Rahu in the 9th house would have luck favour him, and bring opportunities his way. So here the balance is between his own efforts and expectations from a father figure or even lady luck.


Rahu -Ketu Axis in 4/10 Bhava

Balance between work and home.

Rahu in the 4/10 axis would require a life time of effort in trying to strike a balance between work and home. Rahu in the 4th and Ketu in the 10th signify an unusual approach to profession.

Rahu signifies foreign hence the native would get success away from birth place, on the other hand rahu in the 10th and Ketu in the 4th is again a very good placement for rahu, and will bring along varied professional opportunities, but again Ketu in the 4th here would signify that the native did not have a very happy childhood, or an absence of a parent, or it could even be a perpetual state of dissatisfaction in the family life.

The chart below is of a native who has rahu in the 10th house and ketu in the 4th, the native

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has had a few changes in professions, has had good opportunities coming his way, but with ketu in the 4th, he has always felt a dissatisfaction at the home front, while in a joint family or a nuclear set up made little difference to the happiness level at the home.


Rahu -Ketu Axis in 5/11 Bhava

Balance between developing ones own mental faculties and working with others in a group.

5th house is the house of ones mental creativity and thinking.

Rahu here enhances this mental strength of the native and this mental energy can take the native to either extremes of goodness or badness, growth here will come to the native only through his own mental growth. Rahu in the 11th signifies growth where a person goes beyond himself, starts working with others, bonding and networking. This is again one of the best positions for rahu to be posited in.


Rahu -Ketu Axis in 6/12 Bhava

Balance between being of service, being competitive and wastage of ones energies, or for more evolved souls between materialism and spirituality.

This is a tricky placement because this denotes that the native has a competitive spirit as well as the factor that it is only through competition that the native can grow and be successful. The balance throughout his life would be between disease, service, obstacles, competition and litigation. Rahu in the 12th usually takes people away from their birth place, evolved souls can handle this position well, and could get into the medical field, spirituality, foreign travel etc. Lesser evolved could get entangled in intoxication and aimless wandering.


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