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Parenting tips - Astrological Guidance

Parenting tips- astrological guidance

Rate of anxiety and depression among children have been increasing steadily for the past 15 to 20 years. We would like to think of history as advancement, but if progress is measured in the mental health of kids, then we have been going backward in 21st century. In modern world, everyone is quite busy in their life. Human emotions are deteriorating day by day. In such condition, we forgot our duty as a parent. Parenting is like investment. Today’s quality time will give your child a good future. Being a teacher, I have felt this transformation from good parents to busy parents.

How astrology can help?

Astrology is a divine science, which can help you in understanding the actual behaviour of the native. Strength and weakness of the native can easily be asses through the astrological chart by a potent astrologer. With the help of vedic Jyotish you can evaluate your child potential. So that you can act accordingly. In this article, we are giving general view of Children born in different moon signs.


Kids and Astrology

Aries Child (Mesha)

Kids born in this sign are fierce in temperament, are egoistic, wealthy. They are prone to rage. Boldness and adventurous tendency are part of their character. They like to cross the social limits quite often. If you are parent of such child it’s better to maintain calmness in the house. Encourage him to take part in physical activities so, that his energy channelizes in the positive direction.

Special care must be taken in the age of 6 to 10.

Taurus Child (Vrishabha)

Taurus children are humble to elders, soft spoken, well mannered, avaricious and generally liked by all. If your kid is born under this sign, try to avoid early influence of wealth on him. Do efforts to teach him about the importance of wealth in the life. Judicious and proper utilisation of resources, can make him a successful and sympathetic man.

Important years in childhood – 11 to 13 years.

Gemini Child (Mithuna)

Children born in this sign are intelligent. They have high self-respect. They are good in practical things, clever at manoeuvring. They beat their enemies with their mind skill. Parent should involve such child in family discussion. Encourage him to take part in mental activities in school. Sometime sensuous tendency spoils their behaviour and academic results.

Take special care of your child in the age of 12 to 15.

Cancer Child (Karkata)

Kids are quite emotional if they born in Cancer moon sign. He will possess a clean conduct, an interest in music, dance or painting. He will be after comforts and pleasures. Parents should support their child emotionally. Promote your child in artistic field. Try to stabilize the emotional level of the child. Impulsive tendency can harm your child. Do efforts to control this propensity.

Important years in childhood: 05 to 08

Leo Child (Simha)

Child who born in this moon sign have leadership quality, overcome enemies, full of zeal and enthusiasm. He will be quite supportive but at the same time aggressive. Parents of such energetic child should create humbleness and modesty in the child. Never ignore his point of view. Motivate him to do leadership role in school and domestic life.

Important years in childhood: 14 to 17

Virgo (Kanya) Child

Virgo child have great grasping power. They want to learn from surroundings. They are methodical and aim at perfection. Good looking and witty. They have interest in opposite sex. As a parent, you need to develop sense of sympathy in the child. They are methodical and lack in sympathy and human emotions. So, try to donate things through your kids. They have immense potential to rise in their life, if guided properly.

Important years in childhood:- 13 to 16 in second part.

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