Hidden Sex Urges and Astrology

Sex techniques and Astrology

Sages such as Vatsayana and for that subject many other all over the world have gone very deep into the subject of sex biology of mankind and have, after thorough enquiry declared that human being get a blissful feeling of mental and physical satisfaction of unequal dimensions in sex act. Sex is held holy place in every society and no wonder, in Vedic sciences like Ayurveda and Jyotish Kama hold a very important position.

It is the common experience of almost every society that a lot of disruptions in family life, particularly the ones occurring soon after marriage, are due to incompatibility in sex act. Astrology as a science is capable in searching the hidden sex tendencies of man it has been styled as divine knowledge. Out of the four natural propensities of man, such as, hunger, sleep, fear complex and sex attraction the last named has the greatest grip on him.

Instances are not rare where the first three have been completely disregarded and disdained in favor of the fourth that is sex. These four in man are equally found in the beasts.

आहार निद्रा भय मैथुननच

समानमेतत पशुभि नारानाम ||

In astrology there are 27 constellations (नक्षत्र). Each individual in this world is ruled by one nakshatra. Our sages co relate these nakshatras with different animals. There is great wisdom behind this division of nakshatras among the various animals etc. Every nakshatra born, whether he or she, carries certain characteristics of that animal’s trait of character to which it pertains in some form or the other.

A brief discussion on it now.


Sex techniques and astrology

Ashwini and Shatbhisha nakshatra falls in horse yoni. Those who watch horses know better that in mating, the horse is passionate and that the genital organs are muscular not supple. The horse is very much given to sex act so much so that the mere sight of a mare excites him. So, erotic visual will urge the sexual tendency in case of Ashwini and Shatbhisha born native.


Elephant sex technique and Astrology

Bharani and Revati lies in this category. The formation of the genital organs of both the male and the female elephant is said to be soft and gradually hardens body ward and that their sex act is confined to dense jungle uninterrupted by any other and that they indulge in a lot of fondling prior to the sex act. The same is reflected in man and woman of elephant yoni.


Pushya and Krittika belong to yoni of sheep. This great grass eater is sexy also. They have their own way of selection of sex behaviours which is not brash.


Rohini and Mrigshira pertain to serpent yoni. It is said that they tend to follow the ways of Serpent’s union in sex act. Serpents prefer to dwell in cool surroundings and take some time for getting into a union mood. The coitous is of long duration. They prefer quiet surrounding where they stay on long enough. Serpent has the capacity of hipnotising its prey and this has its reflection in serpent yoni people in that they can hold their partners