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Vocal traits and Astrology

One of the interesting topics in the field of Astrological science is the influence planets exert on the vocal power of the individual. That such an influence does exist can hardly be denied when one makes an effort to observe how a person speaks and makes conversation. The knowledge thus gleaned helps in a two fold way. The person under observation can himself utilise it for improving any handicaps existing and the observer on his own part may come to overlook the trespasses of the speaker when he senses from a higher standpoint that they are due to this or that planet in the horoscope. In social circles one comes across people who draw the long bow at a venture.

Vocal power and astrology

The second house from Ascendant rules the powers of speech. The planet situated in the house gives the clue to the type of utterance that is habitually his and in many instances the ruler of the house himself. That planet must be taken in relation to the nature of the sign involved - its place in the zodiac. Combining this data we get to know how the person expresses himself vocally whether his words please the ear or not.

Sun - Class at its best

The Sun, the chief of planets, is the symbol of royalty and high lineage and governs patterns of superior behavior. A fiery planet, it is most at home in the Aries, Leo or Sagittarius signs, particularly in Aries and Leo which are exaltation and own houses respectively. When it is thus in essential dignity and is in the house of speech, the subject becomes a man of few words, who always speaks to the purpose as if the very act of verbal communication in some way compromised with personal dignity. This is better understood on reflection that the gift of speech is a common one and the planet is by nature opposed to whatever is common to privilege and distinction. Thus, the conversation of a man with the Sun in the house of speech somehow comes to convey the impression of high rank and station.

Moon - Soft and subtle

The Moon stands as the antithesis of the Sun. Nearer to the earth as it is, its hold on the mass of mankind is more intimate and hence in astrology it is supposed to govern the populace. Hence, when posited in the house of speech, the individual’s talk will be such as to ensure popularity in society. As per Western system and its position in the second implies that verbal expression comes easily to the subject and there is facility in translating mental impressions into their verbal equivalent. When the second falls in the cardinal signs which make for freer release of energy which in the system, it may be noticed that this native gets further developed and the person but rarely stumbles for words for what he has to stay. But more than anything else the lunar vibrations make for a tone of voice and a manner of utterance as capture the listener’s interest. In astrology, the Moon stands for the mother and the soft speech takes after the way a loving mother addresses her child.

Mars - Dictator orders

Now we come to Mars, the planet of the dictator, who presides over war and bloodshed. Along with the Sun he is of a fiery nature and is at home in the fiery triplicity and particularly in Aries, his Moolatrikona sign. Perhaps no other planet leaves his impress so strongly as Mars on the house of speech. He bestows in his situation therein the ‘male-bearded voice’, the husky tones which immediately excite attention. Mars bestows a way of speaking as is direct and forthright, brusque and businesslike. The speech is so one pointed that the party to whom he addresses his remarks seldom fails to grasp the import thereof. As the planet rules the War field and conditions of strife and turbulence, the words as they issue out of the mouth befit circumstances where things have turned topsy-turvy and there is need for resisting the turmoil. Hence the Martian speech abound in imperatives. Each word is like a command issued against which there is no parrying.

Mercury - Master of communication skill

Mercury is the planet of communication. So, If you have mercury in your second house specially in Libra, Virgo or Gemini it will give you superb communication skills. You can impress others with ease. Because of your excellent communication skill, people generally perceive you as a well qualified person. The native is rarely at loss of word. Mercurian talk is a cure of boredom and apathy.

Jupiter and Orator ship

Among planets Jupiter stands for the high morale ethics. The planet is for the cause of truth and for removing 'darkness' and establishing righteousness among men. Thus, his situation in the house of speech is the best that could be hoped in this consideration. As the planet represents the evolved ego, the dross of worldliness removed by the knowledge of divine forces. Knowing that the best of conversation is to listen well so as to stimulate the speaker, he uses ear wisely and is a boon to talkers whose sole aim is to capture attention. The planet of self cultivation, Jupiter makes one hold back the self for letting the other party to put his best forward.

Venus - Sweet romantic Talks

Venus as the planet for the arts, the symbol of love and harmony, in the house speech is the best that could be looked for considering the present issue. The planet along with the moon stands for the other sex and along with Jupiter rules the Brahmin caste and by himself rules the accessories to worldly enjoyment. The planet is ideally situated in Pisces and Libra, the former its exaltation house and the latter Mooltrikona. Just as the Martian type is most at home in circumstances of stress and struggle, the Venusians is most in harmony.

Saturn - planet of bitter truth

Next to Mars signature on the house of speech. Saturn stands out with bold relief. People born under Saturn are noted for their taciturnity and impressive reserve and it may well be doubted whether they make full use of their vocal powers at all. They speak but little as though they lost force every time they spoke and thus the planet's presence in the second appears to negative its implications. This is true enough, up to a point. Saturn is the planet of inhibitions and the faculty of speech appears to be put under pressure. Thus the native, however powerful the planet may be in the horoscope, finds himself inept at giving easy play to the tongue. The planet stands for negativism and a 'no' registers on the lips more easily than a 'yes' and a refusal from the lips out usually sounds like a damning sentence.

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