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Shukra and Beauty

Venus and Astrology, Nitin P.Kashyap

Venus is known as the Planet of beauty. Even to the naked eye this planet appears as the most beautiful of all planets. Beauty is the keyword that explains the main character of Venus in the various departments of life. Beauty is enhancement of traits. when traits of a person get polish through any process of evolution embellishment, values or even natural process he becomes refined and is then represented through the planet Venus. Semen being the ultimate refine state of food is represented by Venus. Even the movement of the body when sophisticated, cultured and made harmonious is represented by Venus. In the field of fabrics Venus - the refined would signify such highly finished goods as silk etc rather than the course cotton or Khadi. Refinement and beauty are the distinguishing traits of women hence Venus is very aptly held as a female planet. Face being the general Index of beauty is represented in astrology by the planet Venus because it owns the second sign of the zodiac. The highest Joy known to common living beings is sex or particularly orgasm/ and Venus owns the 7th sign Libra - the sign representing the sex.

It is but natural that a man of beauty, refinement of taste and highly culture should be attracted by others and therefore be a good 'mixer'. Venus representing such person is held by astrology as highly social in nature. We have seen how Venus representing the sex and the semen representing this strong sexual urge of men. Venus is therefore related to the allied act and objects like marriage, impotency or otherwise mood for difficult married life, span of married life etc.

Venus & Sun

Venus has many traits in common with other planets. It would therefore be well to consider the qualities of Venus when acting in company of others. Venus represents to some extent the eyes as it is the lord of the second sign of Zodiac. Venus in the company of Sun representing the eyes if afflicted by malefic planets Mars, Rahu etc denotes trouble to Eyes.

Venus & Moon

Venus being a female planet when associated with moon another feminine planet acts prominently as a female planet. Thus, if Venus and moon are in the 5th house the house of offspring they denote majority of female issues. Venus with moon and with the Lord of the fourth house denotes that the factors denoting the mind are influenced by Venus and such person concerned possesses a cultivated and sexy mind.

Venus and Mars

Venus representing as it does 'semen' the ultimate force in man when associated with Mars another planet of bravery and valour denotes plenty of these desirable qualities.

Venus and Mercury

Venus is music particularly vocal why mercury is instrumental music the combination of the two particularly in the 2nd house or the first house gives musical aptitude and the man is attracted towards the arts such as the film line, drama etc.

Venus and Jupiter

Venus is as much a teacher as the planet Jupiter. One is the preceptor of the 'Demons' and the others of the Devtas. When both of them are acting together, they give evidence of their common traits such as coach,

Venus and Astrology

education of legal system, service of the Holy people like monk and saint etc.

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