Moon in 12 zodiac signs

Let us briefly talk about the Moon in the various signs.

If Moon is strong, the native is soft heart, gives donations, and scarify for others. If Moon is weak and afflicted, weak body, poor, low status job, and has revengeful nature. (Bhava Deepika, Bhaskaracharya)

  1. Aries: The native has red eyes; he likes to eat hot; This Moon is restless, impatient and has the capacity to become aggressively spirited. It likes to be in charge, in control it is strongly affected by its likes and dislikes. It has the power to make people action-oriented and independent. The native like to eat hot things/food, likes travel, weak knee, fluctuations in wealth, likes wars/quarrels, women, fear of water, elder brother in family. If aspected by Mars the native is just like a king; Mercury-intelligent; Jupiter-minister; Venus-good qualities; businessman

  1. Taurus: This Moon is exalted in Taurus; it enjoys the comforts and ease of life provided by the natural second house. It supports financial prosperity, recognition and visibility. However, this Moon is not fully happy due to its extremely high expectations. It can also be somewhat stubborn. The native has daughters, Charitable; phlegm nature; death of elder brother; When Moon is afflicted, lose of wealth, no child; liked by women; he is happy in young and old age; if Moon is aspected by Sun- service; Mars-penury; Mercury-a thief; Jupiter-good social status; Venus a king; Saturn-wealthy;

  1. Gemini: This Moon brings creativity, imagination, talent and sensuality. It supports music and art, anything which arouses passions of the mind. They think quickly, with many ideas. The native has strong erection of penis, learned shastras, diplomat, psychologist, curly hairs, eats in excess, poet, dance, his nose is high. He has sex with impotents i.e. he enjoy sex through physical relation through anus; If Moon is aspected by Sun- penury; Mars-deals in iron; Mercury- like a king; Jupiter- intelligent; Venus-has no fear; Saturn-clothe merchant or manufacturer;

  1. Cancer: This Moon brings the opportunity to enjoy family, home, and comforts of living connecting with people. They can also be physically and mentally active. They are internally shy but externally social. They are always doing for others and therefore may have great expectations of others which leaves them feeling somewhat discontented. Walks fast, obey wife, astrologer, builder, fluctuations in wealth, short in height, easily comes under control of other, interested in gardening and ponds. He has high waist; dwarf in high; heavy neck; If Moon is aspected by Sun-eye diseases; Mars-warrior; Mercury- Poet; Jupiter-intelligent; Venus – a king; Saturn- a teacher;

  1. Leo: This Moon has energy, spirit and dynamism. It feels important in this sign and therefore can become a bit arrogant. These people want attention, so it brings visibility and importance due to its regal nature. This highly emotional, placement can bring jealousy and shyness as well if they do not receive the attention and appreciation they desire. High and large head, long face; yellow eyes; hate women, a few children, like to travel mountain and forest, (Hunter), mental, digestion diseases, loves charity; loves his father. If Moon is aspected by Sun- a king; Mars- a king; Mercury-astrologer; Jupiter- intelligent; Venus-Wealthy; Saturn- a barber;

  1. Virgo: This Moon is highly creative and intellectually strong. It can attract and ability for mystical phenomenon or intuitive research. These people have a strong orientation toward psychology, health and healing of the mind. Much daughter, swear, speaks, speaks truth, soft body and intelligent. They are lazy; likes traveling; soft body; broad shoulder and chest; speaks truth; more daughter; Moon in Virgo and aspected by benefic planets Mercury, like a king; Jupiter- chief of army, Venus- expert in his work; when aspected by malefic planets Saturn, Sun and Mars the native earn through women.

  1. Libra: This Moon is friendly, sociable, likeable and shy; This is considered a good placement for relationships due to its practical romantic interests. It is more pleasant, uplifting, happy and flexible in nature. They enjoy travel. They may have a somewhat jealous nature. Intelligent in trading; Serves sadhu and saints, obey his wife, high nostril, if afflicted, loss of limb; he helps his relatives but relative humiliate him; suffers from diseases; Moon in Libra and aspected by benefic Mercury, Jupiter or Venus the native earns through business; If aspected by malefic, Saturn, Sun or Mars, there may be death of the native.

  1. Scorpio: This Moon becomes action oriented due to the influence of Mars. Even though these people can be highly emotional, passionate and creative there is a deeply mystical aspect to them as well. They are able to overcome obstacles though effort and determination. Likes travel, loss of limb, sale and purchase, has large eyes and chest; round thigh, has no guru, mother, and father, ill health, cruel nature. He practices ill deeds secretively, i.e. masturbation. He has mark of vajra or bird or fish on hand; Moon in Scorpio and aspect4d by Mercury-father of twins; Jupiter- adoption; Venus- a king; when aspected by Saturn-a washer man; Sun handicapped and poor;; Mars-a king;