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Results of Moon in different navamsha

If Moon is in the navamsha of Mars, and aspected by Sun, the native is minister; Mars, Murderer; Mercury, wrestler; Jupiter-as a king; Venus or Saturn-foolish and quarrelsome;


Navamsha of Venus and aspected by Sun, foolish and quarrelsome; Mars, adulterous; Mercury, Poet, Jupiter, writer; muscleman; Venus-wealthy; Saturn-adulterous;


Navamsha of Mercury, Gemini or Virgo, and aspected by Sun-dancer; wrestler, Mars-a thief; Mercury-Poet; Jupiter, Minister; Venus-like music; Saturn-cruel and murderer;


Leo navamsha, and aspected by Sun-irritable, mars-favor of government; Mercury-owner of mines; Jupiter-no child; Venus- Saturn-cruel and murderer;


Moon in Sign of Jupiter in navamsha, and aspected by Sun-name and fame; Mars- expert in war affairs; Mercury- impotent; Venus- Saturn- elderly behaviour;


Navamsha of Saturn and aspected by Sun-egoist, Mars-wealthy and sorrowful; Mercury-egoist; Jupiter-owner of business; Venus-wicked wife; Saturn-miser;


If Moon is vargottam and aspectd by a benefic planet, give full results; if in own navamsha, full results; if aspected by other planet, give half results and is aspced by a malefic planet, give one-quarter results.


if your Moon is behind Mercury your inner mind is Important.If Mercury is behind MOON then what others say is Important.


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