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Scorpio Native Traits

Scorpio horoscope and traits
Features of Scorpio Sign

According to Indian Jyotish, Vrishchika or Scorpio is a fixed, even, and watery sign, feminine in nature owned by the fiery planet Mars. It is an insect sign, and hence persons born under its influence possess characteristics akin to the insect world, e.g., that of storing and preserving and are thoroughly disciplined and social. They work more for the welfare of the society, or a group than for the individual. Here it bears many similarities with its sister sign Aries.

Traits of Scorpio

Thus those born under the influence of Scorpio, are ever busy doing something or the other and possess an adventurous spirit, and a commendable perseverance. There are great critics, go to the depth of everything they undertake and are endowed with great intellect and originality. They are fearless, frank, and out spoken like the Arians are stubborn and bold, and fight to the last for the cause they have in hand. They are usually reserved, and reticent, but when excited they do not hesitate to inflict pain on others, even severely and mercilessly.

Persons born under the influence of Scorpio, possess a strong bony and tall body, with prominent eyes, and a broad forehead. They possess an inherent love to display their ideas, and aspire to leadership, in which they often succeed wonderfully.

Career for Scorpions

They have a love for occult sciences and become proficient in various arts and crafts and pursue a thing till they succeed in it. They are always aware of their own superior powers, and their ability to achieve success in anything. But life is usually a great struggle for them, and their early life is often beset with great difficulties. Great statesmen, dictators, adventurers, explorers, scientists, surgeons, sages, and mystics are born when Vrischika is on the ascendant.

Benefic planets for Scorpio

The Moon is the most benefic for this lagna being lord of the ninth, bhava of Fortune. Jupiter the lord of the second and the fifth houses is also benefic, as well as the Sun lord of the tenth, Kendra.

Malefic planets for Scorpio

According to Indian Astrology, Mercury being lord of the eighth and eleventh house is not good for Scorpion individual. Venus is not good for health however it is beneficial for financial status.

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