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Jupiter’s transit impact on you

Jupiter enters Libra on 12 September 2017 and remains there till 11th October 2018. He becomes retrograde on 09th March 2018 and resumes direct motion on 10th June 2018. Health stands for physically, mentally and socially sound condition. In this article we measure the time quality on three parameters physical index, mental index and social index.


Health will be tolerably good. Your mental ability will resolve many tricky

Jupiter transit impact

tensions at home and office. Childless may get a child now. Physical exertion on professional front can’t be ruled out, but overall there will be no serious issues regarding health.

Body Parts under scanner: - Fats, Excretory organs.

Physical Health: - 07/10

Mental health: - 09/10

Social Health: - 08/10

Do’s :- a) Consume one inknut (Choti Harad) every morning.

b) Drink plenty of water.



In this period, you are likely to see benefits in the areas of work and health. Health is likely to prosper this year, and medical procedures, if indispensable, are more opt to be successful. Financial and domestic outcomes make you happy. There may be tendency to put on some weight, however if you don’t watch diet. Tedious tasks tend to take priority, but you are likely to enjoy them.

Body parts under scanner: - Chronic diseases, Intestinal infections.

Physical fitness: - 08/10

Mental fitness: - 09/10

Social fitness: - 10/10

Do’s: - a) Consume Curd with Sugar everyday.



During this period, Jupiter will move through your fifth house from the moon. You may expect successful completion of your plans. If single, you may expect to meet your ideal partner during this time. If married, it’s time to plan a child. An auspicious event may take place at home. Mentally you would be at peace with yourself. In this period your health will improve. Mentally, you will feel strong and pious. Your digestive system will improve.

Body parts under scanner: - Cardio, Blood Pressure.

Physical Fitness: - 8/10

Mental Fitness: - 9/10

Social Fitness: - 7/10

Do’s :- Green leafy vegetables on Wednesday.



Problems related to mental stability and physical fitness. You will take less interest in worldly things. This can be a period of self imposed exile. A death in the family cannot be ruled out. You could suffer some sort of humiliation.

Body parts under scrutiny: - Pulmonary, Gastro, Pain in feet.

Physical Fitness : - 4/10

Mental Fitness : - 6/10

Social Fitness : - 6/10

Do’s : - A) Rice on Full moon day. B) Drink water in Silver glass.



Mental anguish and enmity with relatives lead to your health suffering. Your health as well as the physical condition of your better half would demand extra attention. Strife in normal life and interruptions to all efforts can make you exhausted. Personal ambitions meet with delay.

Body Parts under scrutiny: - ENT, Reproductive organs, Joints pain

Physical Fitness: - 06/10

Mental Fitness: - 06/10

Social Fitness: - 06/10

Do’s :- A) Horse gram(chana dal) on Thursday.



Socially, this should be a satisfying period for you. You will get respect and growth in your professional front. Mentally you would be at peace and you are also likely to sharpen your intelligence during this period. There can be wedding in the family or birth of child. Spiritual practices can bring in many dimensions to life. You may score over rivals.

Body parts under scrutiny: - Skin, Intestine, Knees.

Physical Health: - 07/10

Mental Health: - 08/10

Social Health: - 09/10

Do’s :- Help someone in Study.



You will have mental strains due to relations with elders. Absent mindedness due to superiority complex will trouble you on daily basis. Due to uncompromising behavior you may face failure in domestic and professional life. There is also a risk of overindulgence and other forms of extreme behavior. Weight gain is often associated with this period.

Body parts under scrutiny: - Fats related problems, Cardio problems.

Physical Health: - 07/10

Mental Health: - 04/10

Social Health: - 05/10

Do’s :- Consume Amla daily in the morning.



You and your spouse may get infected with chronic diseases. Fear and hesitation due to unwanted circumstances cannot be ruled out. You are more able to get in touch with your subconscious mind. You will get interested in metaphysical studies, occultism. This is a time of spiritual renewal.

Body parts under scrutiny: - Pulmonary, Intestinal.

Physical Health: - 06/10

Mental Health: - 06/10

Social Health: - 07/10

Do’s:- Addition of jaggery (gud) in your meal can make a difference.



Your strength and splendour will be at their peak with all round success and disappearance of unfavourable circumstances. Health and fitness will improve a lot. Mentally you are ready to face extreme challenges with great ease. Your social circle may get bigger to include those of high ranking.

Body parts under scanner: - Ears, Genital organs, Hormonal issues.

Physical Fitness: - 09/10

Mental Fitness: - 09/10

Social Fitness: - 10/10

Do’s:- Evening walk with your partner is good for you in this period.



Inferiority complex may generate due to undesired circumstances particularly on professional front. Be cautious about your health. The aged and ailing may suffer a health crisis. Being more ethical and less practical attitude will create problems in your life. Your mind will be easily exhausted and you may lose confidence in yourself. Children health will also be cause of concern.

Body parts under scanner: - Pulmonary, Nervous Breakdown.

Physical fitness: - 06/10

Mental fitness: - 05/10

Social fitness: - 06/10

Do’s :- Early to Bed early to rise concept is a boon for you in this period.



Mentally you will improve a lot. You also have opportunities to add to your learning. You may develop an inclination for spiritual pursuits. Physical health shows improvement. Happiness from domestic life is assured. Others tend to give respect to your mental ability. Overall, an expansive, optimistic attitude is with you now, as you are less concerned about petty problems and inconveniences.

Body parts under scanner: - Blood Pressure, Heating up of system.

Physical Health: - 08/10

Mental Health: - 08/10

Social Health: - 07/10

Do’s :- Groundnut oil in Cooking will be helpful to reduce minute negative impact.



There will be bodily strain and pain. General physical weakness makes you reckless and harsh in speech which can only bring more undesirable circumstances. In your social life, be prepared for humiliating situations. Sexual opportunities are likely to abound. Those with chronic ailments and adverse directions may suffer a serious health setback.

Body parts under scanner: - Gastro, Chronic diseases.

Physical Health: - 06/10

Mental Fitness: - 06/10

Social Fitness: - 07/10

Do’s :- There is no one perfect in this world, try to admit this fact.

(These forecasts are general and as such those having favourable aspects according to current dasha and antardasha in their horoscope will have favourable results from the indications made here while those having adverse aspects according to their current dasha will experience these predictions to a lesser proportion. If you do not know your Moon sign, write to Rajan Vadhwa here. If you want to know about our online astrology courses click here.)


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