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कुंडली कैसे देखे? - अपने ही कब देते है दुःख

How to read horoscope? - Relatives should act like a shubha kartari yoga who can protect you from odd situation however sometimes they acts like a paap graha creating paap kartari yoga. When such condition occur? Astrologer Nitin Kashyap is sharing jyotish books shloka on it. Keep watching Astrological videos here.

Nitin P.Kashyap is a traditional practitioner of Vedic Sciences. He commands authority on Astrology, Vastu and Palmistry. He is Jyotish Vid and Jyotish Visharada. Right from the childhood, attained knowledge and interest in the field of occult sciences kept growing while looking at his maternal grandfather Late Pt.Ram Kishan Sharma and Uncle Pt.Dayanand Sharma guiding the right path to many people on a daily basis.

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